Who We Are

We are a family run farm just getting our start! We dreamed big and put in the hard work and are ready to feed our community the great food it deserves! We have a passion for food and knowing the who/what/where/how when it comes to growing it, this all led us to starting Dreamland Farmstead.

What We Do

We provide quality produce using organic practices on a 1/4 acre of sustainable no till permaculture farm. We take extra care to greatly reduce the pit falls of modern farming by reducing water needs, reducing soil erosion and reducing our farm foot print.

How We Do It

We follow highly effective intensive planting while establishing a healthy regenerative soil processes as used by farmers such as Joel Salatin, Jean-Martin Fortier and Eliot Coleman. As well as follow permaculture practices to reduce weeds, pests and disease, while increasing soil structure, biology and vitality.



Where to Buy



  • Fresh Fridays Farmers Market

  • Local Food Market LV

    • https://www.localfoodmarketlv.com/online-store

      • Just look for Dreamland Farmstead listed items!

    • Also be sure to check out other local farms produce, meats, and dairy!

    • Note that this store is for pick up at specific locations.

      • Copied from the site: Online ordering of hyper local food from farms and small businesses offering the best quality and health trending products.  Place your orders anytime by early Thursday morning for delivery on Friday afternoon.  Door to door delivery to all Strata residents.  Pick ups at Greenmouth on the Arts Walk from 3-5:30 pm, Godshall Farm in Coopersburg 2-6 pm and Healthy You Cafe in Center Valley from 4-6 pm.  Please order at least $20 to avoid a delivery fee.

    • We also will be offering products for members for the local store! See here for more details: https://www.localfoodmarketlv.com/members